Adding Gold to Our Rainbow

Almost finished

Tonight (well, this morning actually, given that it’s 2:30am) I finally managed to get the text done on the two present embroideries. I’ve spent most of a week fighting with them or pissed off and ignoring them. I can’t get the spacing right and I don’t have a decent way to transfer stuff that small on to the fabric. I don’t have a printer and although I can trace onto the fabric using the computer screen as a lightbox it only works for the general shape of the thing, not details. This was fine when I was drawing the pictures but apparently my brain wasn’t so happy with the text. It’s all a learning experience I guess.

Usually, when I’m dealing with text on pictures, it is digital. I can use Photoshop to do it and I can nudge and use free-transform and basically get it in the right place and spaced properly. By hand I don’t have a lot of experience with that. I don’t think my dyslexia is really playing a part. It didn’t help that I was trying to fit two very different length words into a curved arc around the bottom of the frame but far enough away from the edge that I could still stitch it.

I nearly gave up a few times today as well but the wedding is on Saturday so it needs finishing for that and the other one needs to be posted off while we’re in town tomorrow.
Both are now done as well as I can do them in the time frame I have and have been washed to get rid of the pencil marks. The birthday present one is in front of the heater drying off for now. I still need to glue the fabric down and decide if I’m going to put some felt on the back of them.
I was going to embroider messages on the felt but I really don’t have time any more. I think I’ll just end up writing the message on a beautiful swing tag from Hill End Press.

I’m very glad to have most of it done now. I shall add pictures tomorrow once it is light. I don’t really have anywhere to take half decent photos at night. Some rubbish, phone photos are on instagram, twitter and my tumblr. I shall also add photos of the three Woollywormhead.com patterns Ruth has finished knitting this week.

Now I have to some how get some sleep before the trek into town tomorrow. We’ve been here just over two years now and the 3 hour drive in to town and back to get shopping still gets to me a bit. It just takes so much energy when I have so little to spare.
Especially right now when I’m going in to another health flare.

Back from the tip


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