Adding Gold to Our Rainbow

Pottering around the village

We had a few things to do outside so I decided to take my camera with me. It was another glorious day for it. Not so great for me because bright sun just equals migraines. At least it wasn’t too hot. There was a lovely breeze.

Visitor's Centre
First up was a trip to the Visitor’s Centre to pay the rent.

At the Visitor’s Centre you can pick up maps and souvenirs and they have a museum and a tiny art gallery. The village was a massive gold town in the 1870’s (The Holtermann Nugget was found here) and there were pictures taken by Beaufoy Merlin during the gold rush. Signs around the village show the photos in the spots they were taken.

The visitor’s centre really isn’t terribly accessible if you have mobility issues. There is a sign on the front door telling you that there are ramps available inside and to ask at the front desk. To get to the front desk you would have to go down an uneven, rather steep path with a precarious couple of stairs in the middle and then another step up in the doorway. It’s not like you can ring ahead either because most people’s mobile phones wont work out here. Sometimes I think places only put up the signs for legal reasons.

I walk with a cane at times because of balance and pain issues and I need help getting safely down the stairs in the middle of the path.  

Next up is the Tip. We don’t have garbage pick up here so we have to take our bins to the village tip. It’s not far though the road is dirt and a bit dicey in the wet.
the edge of the cleared area for the tip

The Australian Magpies are a precocious bunch.


At the tip
I wasn’t sure if I liked this one better in colour

At the tip
Or black and white. What do you think?

Then to finish up today we went around to Hosie’s B&B. The owners are away on Honeymoon and while other friends are running the bed and breakfast part we are feeding all the birds and watering the garden. I’ll post some photos of Hosie’s soon.   


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2 thoughts on “Pottering around the village

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hi not sure if you are the owners of my poodles' brother Pippin? I own a standard poodle named “Angel” that was a rescue from the rspca

  2. HI, We do own Pippin. I'm not sure if you will get notified of this without a log in but if you want to contact us you can email to wallflowerarts at gmail.com

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