Adding Gold to Our Rainbow

Busy day at the market


It was a stunningly pretty day today. Blue skies and sunshine. Got too warm for me.
It was down to 5c over night but it must have been in the high 20s today.


Not the best sort of weather when most of our products were woolen hats and gloves. We still sold more than I thought we would and some badges, some of the note cards and one of the post cards.


It was great to see everyone. Some great conversations with people and I got a fair amount of spinning done.

I’m exhausted though and I didn’t eat properly or drink enough and then forgot to take my meds. I’ll have to be much better about that tomorrow.

Our cat has been really sick lately but after $300 of vet bills and a week of her being miserable she’s really come good. Her and her brother have really loved the carrier bag we got from A Slice Of Orange the other day

Once again please excuse the phone photos

A few months ago I signed up for my first needle work swap. It was through the Phat Quarter Flickr group and the theme was ‘small things’. I love Owls and Scops Owls are tiny so that was what I decided to embroider. I just worked from a photo so there’s no pattern for this.
I hope to get a decent photo up of it soon once I find my card reader.



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