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Not quite Sunday link spam



* I love this painting of the Hulk cooking.

* The Boy and Girl Who Waited by The Gorgonist is gorgeous Doctor Who fan art

* This Hobbit themed birthday party is gorgeous. I want one.

* Cake Wrecks: Sunday Sweets. I always love the amazing art in cake form that you get to see on Sunday Sweets. This theme is Monsters and they are just adorable.

* These vinyl wall decals are gorgeous. I want lots of them. Not that we have any wall space that isn’t covered with bookcases or paintings.

* The unveiling of a commemorative artwork in Tasmania’s busiest market centre is a “deeply moving occasion” for those who were arrested on that spot in 1988 for standing up for gay rights.

* The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan is just amazing art. I adore it.

* Scrap metal dinosaur comes to life in Outback Queensland

* Art Everywhere. This charitable art project will transform tens of thousands of billboards into great British masterpieces this summer. Help choose the artworks and donate here to make it happen.


* ABC agrees to make app accessible to all

* A beautifully simple comic book for the blind


* 25 Alpacas with the most amazing hair ever and Goat looks like a friendly wizard.

* Patrick Stewart is the most amazing man.

* Vanilla Rooibos Fig Newtons I am so making these. Gluten Free-ish if you can handle the wheat free oats and low carb. I have everything in my kitchen to make these. Just need the time.

* Ruff justice for jail program. Known as Dogs for Diggers, the program takes dogs that have been abandoned – and are often destined for death row – and puts them in the care of inmates who look after them and train them back to full health and obedience.Once the dogs are ready, they are given to injured soldiers to help them with their rehabilitation.

* Scientists amazed by fossilized fish with abdominal muscles

* Outback Qld dinosaur dig unearths bones bonanza near Winton. A two-week dinosaur dig in outback Queensland has unearthed what has been described as a “treasure trove” of massive fossils.


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3 thoughts on “Not quite Sunday link spam

  1. Patrick Stewart was already great, but when I saw that video for the first time he got a billionty times more awesome. I love that he has taken a really shit situation and is using his experience, fame and support to help others not have to go through the same.

  2. Yes! He's a real hero. I love every bit of him. It's interesting these days with social media the way it is and content available that doesn't go through the filter of agents and stuff, you get to see what celebrities are like a lot more. You're not just seeing some approved press release, you're seeing tweets when they've just woken up or their thoughts on various issues. It's great to see that some of the people I loved growing up are actually amazing human beings. I love Wil Wheaton and Tim Ferguson has really impressed me. I adore almost all of the Firefly crew who are on twitter. Almost. I don't agree with a lot of what Adam Baldwin has to say. I've also discovered amazing people like Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

    But yes, Patrick really is one of the good guys. I adore him. Ian McKellen is wonderful too.

  3. Unrelated, but a link I thought you would like. Knit flowers, beautiful artistry –

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