Adding Gold to Our Rainbow



While down in Penrith for my birthday in June we headed in to Sydney for a day to check out some stuff. Initially I wanted to go to Morris & Sons to look at their embroidery stuff and check out the Doctor Who pop up shop. Found out that Vivid Sydney (a festival of light, music and ideas according to the website) was still on so I packed my camera and we decided to get to that.


None of this actually happened. We ran out of time for Morris & Sons and the pop up Doctor Who shop had popped off again and the shop front was empty. We decided to walk back to the car via a bunch of shops and grab some food then park somewhere we could leave the car for a few hours and catch the train to go see the Vivid stuff.

When we got back to the car though, it wouldn’t start. After a fair bit of waiting around  in Newtown and some rather disappointing carrot cake the NRMA managed to get the car started but given there was a problem with the starter motor there was no guarantee that the car would start again once it was stopped so we had to head home instead.
As frustrating as it was to not get to any of the things we planned, the company made it a nice day out. 

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2 thoughts on “Newtown

  1. I'm sorry you didn't get to do the things you planned (especially the Who bit), but you did get some excellent city shots in. Hope you still enjoyed the day away.

  2. Thanks Patti.
    Yeah we had a good time. It could have been awful and if it had been cold and rainy like it was forecast it might have not been a great day but it was good to spend time with friends.
    Some of my favourite shots are still to come. The next two posts are scheduled to go up this week.

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