Adding Gold to Our Rainbow



Ruth had picked up this gorgeous 2ply colour-way at Spotlight and decided she wanted to knit a shawl with it.


It’s mostly acrylic but has some wool content.


It’s not been blocked yet, which should open up the lace.  The pattern is the Aeolian Shawl from Knitty

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4 thoughts on “Shawl

  1. Even unblocked you can tell that shawl is going to be beautiful. With an acrylic wool blend will you be able to just steam it once and have it blocked forever, or does the wool content mean it will need reblocking after each wash?

  2. It's gorgeous, I love the colours.

  3. I've no idea Patti. We've not done one before. Can't imagine it will get washed much anyway.
    Thank you. We love it. The pattern was good and it came out well.
    Ruth ran out of yarn before the cast off row so she used black. I really liked the way it looks though

  4. Thank you. It came out well. It needs a bit of blocking to open the lace, just need to find the space and a dry day.

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