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We need help getting to a health conference so we are having a sale.

Photos are of things we have made. They are not all for sale in our Etsy shop but something similar can be commissioned from us. Scroll down for a coupon code to get 5% of everything in our Etsy Shop

(me out with the dogs on one of my better days)

My health has always been bad but these days I really am struggling to keep functioning.
Many years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I deal with pain every day. Sometimes it is much worse than others. Changing air pressure causes a really bad day. Some days I have enough energy to make food and work on art and craft stuff and catch up with friends and family online, some days I can barely make it out of bed and moving to the toilet and back is really difficult. These conditions are managed as much as I can. It became obvious though that they were not my only problems.

(Handspun merino/silk blend yarn in blues)

This last year I was diagnosed with Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome. It is a connective tissue disorder, it affects collagen proteins in the body. Collagen is a building block that strengthens and supports various body tissues. It is found in tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, bone, blood vessels, the gut and the spine.
EDS is caused by alterations in certain genes, which make collagen weaker. Sometimes the amount of collagen in the body is reduced. The faulty genes can be passed from parents to their children.
Wiki’s page on EDSIn depth article on hypermobility type EDS

(needle felted pod baby)

I have frequent dislocations and sublaxes, usually fingers and toes and my jaw but also small bones in my feet, my left shoulder and my ankles. This causes a great amount of pain and instability. My muscles and tendons are over worked trying to stabilize joints and reduce movement. I have a herniated disc in both my neck and my lower spine, trapping nerves because my spine also moves too far and I have carpel tunnel in my wrists.
I have chronic migraines (many times a week) because the blood vessels in my brain expand to easily because of the collagen problem.
My skin is fairly fragile and my scalp will tear if I just rub at my head. My other biggest problem at the moment, with all the stupid heat, is Orthostatic Intolerance. My blood pressure drops causing me to faint when I stand for more than a minute and in hot weather it drops even when I’m sitting up. I also have huge troubles controlling my body temperature. If it is hot I get hotter and hotter until I throw up if I can’t cool myself down with an ice pack or cold shower. It makes these nearly 40c days unbearable.

(Teeny sheep earrings)

My doctor and physiotherapist are trying to help but neither of them knows much about EDS. I go to hydrotherapy once a week and am getting splints made for my wrists to help with the carpel tunnel. For the rest, right now, I just deal with best I can.

(Hand knit purple cable hoodie for a child)

This July there is a conference on in Parramatta focusing on EDS and Connective Tissue Disorders.
This is a massive chance for me to find out other ways I can cope with the symptoms and find medical practitioners who can help. This is one of the only chances I will have to access all this information in one place.

(hand knit toy elephant)

I live about 7 hours drive from Sydney but have family I can stay with about an hour away. I can save up for the dog boarding we’ll need to get there but registration for the conference is open now and is limited to 300 places. For Ruth and I to go to the conference on Saturday and Sunday it will cost $316. We just don’t have this right now at all but I do not want to miss this chance.

(Hobbit hole from the tiny house embroidery series)

I know money is tight right now for everyone but if you can have a look at our Etsy Store and see if there is anything you need or want.
From now until the 1st March you can use the code EDSSALE receive 5% off everything in our shop.

We also take commissions for art, knitting, crochet, hand spun yarn, needle felted creations or anything else that we’ve done before. You can find more information about commissioning us at our Commission Page or Email me at wallflowerarts@gmail.com.
If you can’t afford to buy anything then if you could share this post with others who might like our stuff that would be fantastic.

(embroidered hoodie)

You can also find us at FacebookTwitter and Instagram follow us there to keep up to date with stuff we make.

(all 7 of the Creature Art Cards but number 7 is not finished here)
(Crochet Prince Arthur from BBC’s Merlin)

(hand knit Dalek)

(hand knit large ball)

(needle felted art dolls Steampunk)

(embroidered Ron Weasley)

(hand spun 2ply yarn in magenta and blues)

(hand knit child’s cabled jumper)

(hand knit hat)

(hand knit fingerless mitts)

(needle felted polar bear)

(Embroidered winter tree)

Sunday Link Spam



* Novelist David Mitchell looks back on the heartbreak – and joy – of learning that his son had autism. And an extract from the book ‘The Reason I Jump’ by Naoki Higashida, translated by David.

* Meet Thelma… and Louise, the Baby Two-headed Texas River Cooter Adorable turtle that seems to be doing well.

* Fibre Art Specimens a look at some gorgeous science based fibre art compiled by Magpie & Whiskeyjack.

* Five must see tutorials for getting started in Machine Embroidery I’d love to be able to get an embroidery machine. I’d like to digitize my own art but I also love the designs you can get at Urban Threads. I don’t have the space or the money though so for now I dream.
I’d love to stitch these gorgeous butterflies on the back of a hoodie

* These Photoshop and Illustrator tips on Threadless are really useful

* I wish I could afford a blog/webpage designed by Bakercourt

* The needle felted art by ex-soldier Kiyoshi Mino is amazing.

* This tutorial on making a screen print from an embroidery hoop and water proof glue by Reasonably Gumi has given me loads of ideas I want to try out.

* This Peacock Dragon art by David Revoy is amazing

* A gorgeous crochet Mario Bros blanket

* A Toy Maker Makes A Toy Maker by Doktor A. “It is glorious! Just look at the intricate detail of this robot toy maker making more toys at his trusty workbench with a plethora of spectacles. The tiny details, from the miniature glass dome to the tiny bench clamp are absolutely fantastic.” Gorgeously steampunk as usual from Doktor A. I love his stuff.

* Cake Wrecks: Sunday Sweets – Video Games theme Not sure I’ve played all of these but the cakes are amazing.


Not quite Sunday link spam



* I love this painting of the Hulk cooking.

* The Boy and Girl Who Waited by The Gorgonist is gorgeous Doctor Who fan art

* This Hobbit themed birthday party is gorgeous. I want one.

* Cake Wrecks: Sunday Sweets. I always love the amazing art in cake form that you get to see on Sunday Sweets. This theme is Monsters and they are just adorable.

* These vinyl wall decals are gorgeous. I want lots of them. Not that we have any wall space that isn’t covered with bookcases or paintings.

* The unveiling of a commemorative artwork in Tasmania’s busiest market centre is a “deeply moving occasion” for those who were arrested on that spot in 1988 for standing up for gay rights.

* The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan is just amazing art. I adore it.

* Scrap metal dinosaur comes to life in Outback Queensland

* Art Everywhere. This charitable art project will transform tens of thousands of billboards into great British masterpieces this summer. Help choose the artworks and donate here to make it happen.


* ABC agrees to make app accessible to all

* A beautifully simple comic book for the blind


* 25 Alpacas with the most amazing hair ever and Goat looks like a friendly wizard.

* Patrick Stewart is the most amazing man.

* Vanilla Rooibos Fig Newtons I am so making these. Gluten Free-ish if you can handle the wheat free oats and low carb. I have everything in my kitchen to make these. Just need the time.

* Ruff justice for jail program. Known as Dogs for Diggers, the program takes dogs that have been abandoned – and are often destined for death row – and puts them in the care of inmates who look after them and train them back to full health and obedience.Once the dogs are ready, they are given to injured soldiers to help them with their rehabilitation.

* Scientists amazed by fossilized fish with abdominal muscles

* Outback Qld dinosaur dig unearths bones bonanza near Winton. A two-week dinosaur dig in outback Queensland has unearthed what has been described as a “treasure trove” of massive fossils.

Sunday Link Spam

How is everyone? I hope you had a good weekend. The weather has been very pleasant here. Warm with a fresh breeze and finally cool enough to have the fire on at night.
I spent a fair bit of the weekend inside editing photos. I finally finished this afternoon. I take too many photos. Or don’t edit often enough.

Although the editing is done there are 1.3gig worth of photos to upload so they will have to wait until we’re off peak. I will set them uploading tonight. That leaves me without anything to post today.
Tomorrow I will share the photos I took of Beyers Avenue in all it’s Autumn dress and of Bec’s farm stand.

If you really can’t wait you can find a few photos in my Facebook album
For now I’ll share a load of links I’ve found in the past week. Hope you find something interesting among them.


* Kristin Turcec’s Bad Robot art piece for gallery 1988. I want to be able to paint like that. It really is gorgeous

* A Toy Maker Makes A Toy Maker I love Doctor A’s toys. Steampunky and gorgeous. The teeny toy maker is adorable

* This embroidery pattern set by September House is adorable. Animals and their babies. These are great. I love the simple lines and the the emotion you get in them.

* This Mario Mushroom crochet blanket is fantastic (via sprite stitch)

* Peacock Dragon art by David Revoy is just gorgeous.

* May art opportunities in the Central West NSW on Arts OutWest

* Urban Threads has an embroidery colouring competition

* Molly Crabapple has her artworks from the Shell Game series up for non commercial use under a Creative Commons licence. Even if you don’t want to use them you should go and look. Gorgeous art and interesting social commentary

* Pick the right licence for your photos with this flowchart. Really useful and well laid out.

* How to repeat a pattern basically for making wallpapers, t-shirts or fabric with a repeating pattern. This isn’t too bad a tutorial though I leant about it when designing backgrounds for webpages over a decade ago. Search for tessellation tutorials if this doesn’t help. I want to design some sheep and knitting themed fabric and get it printed by Spoonflower. Just need the time to do it.

* OMG!! This Dalek baby dress is fantastic I want to knit it. I don’t know who for though. Nephew’s parents are geeky enough but have all boys Don’t know if you can see the page if you don’t have a Ravelry account though.
* The Sydney Craft and Quilt Expo is on in June. I’m wondering if it’s worth going while we’re down visiting friends for my birthday. I’d love to see what’s there but I don’t know if we can really afford it as we’ll be paying for dog boarding. Also it’s a lot of walking and a lot of crowds. I don’t do well with the first and Ruth doesn’t do well with the second.

* Top 5 stretches for knitting pain relief. Also be great for people who stitch, game, type or draw a lot.


* Bev and her seeing eye dog and the book she’s written

* PossABLE Ideas Expo was on in Newcastle this weekend. I’m really disappointed I couldn’t go. Partly because I’d love to find out what’s available and partly because Tim Ferguson was MC

* Arts Access Australia has funds available to assist delegates with disability to attend the Arts and Disability Meeting Place event being held in Tasmania on the 19th June. The purpose of this bursary is to provide successful applicants with a contribution of up to $500 towards travel and accommodation costs associated with attending the event. Applications due 10th May 2013.

* In 2013 Riverside Theatre and Beyond the Square are again opening up TWO opportunities for artists who identify as having disability to have their works exhibited in the foyer exhibition space at Riverside Theatres.

* Brain differences seen in people with chronic migraines

* Myer made tasteless comments about how they weren’t happy about the $300 tax levy for the National Disability Insurance Scheme because it was $300 that could have been spent at their store This article talks about how they messed up while handling it and underestimated Social Media.

* SIX young locals (Hunter Region) with disabilities now living in aged care will soon move into their new home in Mount Hutton.

* Jeff Waters writes about the struggle with depression and mostly anxiety after heart attacks

* Tourettes Hero interviews Georgie about Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment for tics

(warning verbal tics have been included in the text and they do include swearing)

* First Braille smartphone could hit stores this year How awesome is this?

* New technology can predict epileptic seizures


Getting back in to things

Well that didn’t go so well.
I meant to keep writing but I got rather sick again over Christmas. I have a few different chronic health conditions that all flare up if I do too much and we had two trips away in December to visit family. Loads of driving, looking after our nephew and just catching up with people and I spent most of January unable to do much of anything.

Then we went to Sydney again to visit a friend who was over from the US and went to the zoo. It was great to see our friends and the animals but it was pouring with rain (it was actually flooded in lots of places, like up over my ankles, thankfully I had my new shoes. The old ones would have fallen apart) and the zoo is massive. So much walking caused all sorts of problems and I’m only just getting back to functioning.

This weekend is the Hill End market so we’ve been making stuff for that. We have a stall there Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.
I’ll write another post about that though.

We had a big day in Orange yesterday. We picked up a fruit box from The Farm Gate. Fantastic fruit straight from the orchard. We also managed to get the other stuff we needed done but something made me sick. I only had a juice and a coffee but I got a severe gluten reaction just after drinking the coffee so I’m guessing there was some cross contamination somewhere. After all that we didn’t get home until gone 11:30pm.

This morning we set up the stall at the hall. Just need to finish pricing the adult hats and take them with us tomorrow morning when the market opens.

I’ve managed to lose my card reader so I can’t get photos off my dSLR camera right now. I’m trying to make do with the phone camera but it’s really not the same.

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