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It’s been awhile

Again. My health crashed pretty badly and we had a fair bit to do with the October Market and a couple of commissions. I got a diagnosis of a herniated disc pushing on my spinal cord in my neck and recently of Carpel Tunnel syndrome. Pain in my neck, shoulder, arm and hands has really limited my time on the computer and my migraines had been back to daily again. I’ve been told not to stop my handcraft/art though so at least I can keep creating.

I have been keeping up a bit more with our Facebook page and since I got my new phone I’ve been able to post photos on our Instagram again and post on our Twitter. These will probably be the best places to keep up to date with what’s new for us.

We have finished many items since I last did a round up so I’ll try and get the photos edited and posted but with our internet as slow as it is and sitting at the computer causing problems I’m not sure how long it will take.

For now I will share the photos I’ve managed to get to load on Instagram. Sorry for the low picture quality, My phone has never been good enough to have a decent camera. I hope to keep up to date with this blog more from now on.

Embroidery commission for a friend’s niece. The power was off because of a storm so I sat in the doorway embroidering. Our house is pretty dark so doorway it was. I wish we had somewhere to comfortably sit in the front yard.

The little fuzz bucket, Dougall, after his summer haircut. Both dogs grow long hair over winter and we cut them short come spring.

And the big one, Pippin. Don’t let the slightly worried face fool you, that was for the storm. He was ecstatic to have short hair again, bouncing all over the place. Excuse the feed bag of fleece in the background. There was nowhere else to put it.

The storm didn’t last long

Font garden Nov 2013
The roses on the fence are out and in the foreground you can see the Borrage and spinach


The Wholefood Kitchen
Asparagus, feta and quinoa salad and an apple juice at The Wholefood Kitchen, Bathurst. We adore The Wholefood Kitchen. It’s such a friendly place. The staff treat you like family and the food and coffee are excellent. Food is local and in season and amazing. It’s right near the Bathurst Wholefood Co-Op too. We have coffee here most Wednesdays before I go to Hydrotherapy. We sit and work on what ever projects we’re in the middle of. It’s really worth a visit if you’re in town. It’s open Wednesday to Saturday from 8:30am to 2:30pm
49 William St Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6332 9327

The shawl Ruth was working on. Hopefully we’ll get a full picture soon

Pizza capers
We finally got around to trying Pizza Capers in Bathurst. So much of their menu is gluten free. It’s fantastic to have this here as we don’t have a Crust Pizza up here.
I’ve never lived anywhere that has as many Gluten Free options as Bathurst.

We shared a Bourbon BBQ Chicken pizza. It was a bit sweet for me but that’s the style of pizza. Most importantly, I didn’t get sick. We will definitely be going back.

Embroidery progress
More progress on the embroidery

Storm coming
Another storm

Front fence full of roses
The front fence is covered in roses

Peach and nectarines with sugar ready to become jam
Peach and nectarines with sugar ready to become jam

Orange and elderflower marmalade
Orange and Elderflower jam from a friend

Front garden Nov 2013
The garden. It’s such a pretty time of year. It’s full of ladybirds and butterflies and bees. Shame about the heat.
The darker rose on the far fence smells wonderful.

First Jam of the season
The result of the jam making. This one is such a beautiful colour.

Embroidery commission
The finished embroidery

Hipster Totoro
Hipster Totoro. I was needle felting a big grey Totoro for a friend and then accidentally added a mustache.


The Garden


A couple of months ago Ruth’s Step Dad came up to help us get a vegetable garden going. Things sort of spiraled far from our original request but we do have vegetables growing now so we are happy.

The jonquils came out early this year. It’s been a funny year so far. Summer was awful hot and dry and this winter has been really mild. Much colder than the coast but a lot warmer than our previous winters here.
Thanks to Ta clearing out all the garden beds we may get a lot more bulbs coming up this year. For a long time they were covered in Morning Glory.
Here is a photo of the garden bed once the seeds started to sprout. Things have got bigger since then and as soon as I can find the card reader for my camera I’ll post an update.

Joy to the world from Wild Olive and a giveaway

Last month Mollie from Wild Olive put out a call on twitter for people to stitch up a secret design that was to be part of the Christmas celebrations on her blog. I had finally finished sewing together the Nativity figures for our in-law’s Christmas present and was looking for some embroidery to do next so I put up my hand.

Mollie sent me the pattern and here’s my result. Details about the give away below.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Stitch and colour choice were up to me. I adore rainbows so I decided to go with 6 different colours for Heaven.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Nature is stitched with a gorgeous blue/green cotton colour way I picked up from Lincraft last time I was in Penrith. I thought it went perfectly with the word nature.
For the words Heaven and nature I used back stitch.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

For Sing I decided to use three single threads of three different gold colours spliced together to get a nice rich tone with highlights and lowlights. It is stitched in outline stitch with the highlights in a brighter yellow and split back stitch.

You can get the patten to embroider your own text from Joy To The World over on Wild Olive. Mollie also has “Repeat the Sounding Joy” and ” Wonders of His Love” patterns and they’re all avaliable as PDFs and have a Creative Commons license on them so head on over and check them out.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Don’t embroider yourself or don’t have time to embroider right now? I have decided to give away this embroidery.

What do you get?

One lucky winner will get this embroidery stitched with cotton thread on a soft cotton fabric in a plastic display hoop. I will send it anywhere in the world so you can enter where ever you live. I will be posting this off next week but it is coming from Australia and for other countries I can’t guarantee it will get there before Christmas. There should be plenty of time but the postal systems at this time of year get a bit bogged down.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

How do you enter?

To win you just have to head over to my Wallflowerarts etsy shop and then comment back here and let me know what your favourite item in my shop is. Comment here by Midday Tuesday 11th December (Australia EST) and you will be in the draw. Tuesday afternoon I’ll use a number randomiser to pick a winner. Make sure to leave me some way to contact you so I can get an address to send the embroidery to.
For an extra entry you could promote the giveaway with a link here from Facebook, Twitter or your blog. Just let me know in the comments. 
Good Luck.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Tomorrow I will blog about the process of embroidering this pattern with progress photos

A step forward

The weather is turning warm now, even in our cooler pocket of Australia. The Cherry Plums have finished blooming and the apples and pears are out now. We haven’t had to have the fire on for well over a week and I have moved my quilt off the bed.
I will miss the winter and it’s cold days, cozy fires and warm woolens. Our garden has come to life and the grass actually needs mowing again and the lilac flowers are starting to open. We had tulips come up this year in the front garden beds. We’ve been here for two years now and there was no sign of them before. We also had flowers on our mystery fruit tree next to the front door.

(cherry plum blossom)


(mystery fruit tree)


Last weekend was the long weekend in NSW for Labour Day and Hill End Gathering Group ran a market in the Town Hall. It was a pretty good weekend though the weather turned cold. A bit fortuitous for us because we had made a bunch of knitted hats to sell and we sold all of the adult ones on the first day. All but one pair of the fingerless mitts went as well.
It was great to see so many new people and we had a great time talking to them and the regular stall holders too.

I took the spinning wheel and spun yarn for Ruth’s cable jumper for most of the two days we were there. It was too dark to do any needle felting or embroidery in there and spinning in public is always an experience.
So many people have never seen someone spinning on a wheel before. We had one bloke in his 80s come up and tell us it was something he’d never seen in person. Kids seem to be fascinated by it. I talked to many wide eyed children and let them feel the raw wool straight from the sheep.
It is a mesmerizing and relaxing process. I find my foot still tapping away to the rhythm long after I’ve put the wheel away. It pleases me greatly to turn fluff in to string and then watch Ruth make it in to clothing.

As well as the hats and gloves we had knitted toys and I had quite a few hoops of hand embroidery that didn’t sell at the market. It’s a tricky one. It’s not a craft market and a fair few of the stalls are second hand bric-a-brac and a lot of people are only going to spend a few dollars. Hand made stuff just costs a lot more.

Anyway the embroidery is now going up in our Etsy shop. The left over hats will also go up there as soon as we can sort out a way to photograph hats for children and babies without having a model handy.
All embroidery can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/wallflowerarts
Here are a couple of examples

Ginger haired boy

Winter Tree
Winter Tree


For now we’re trying to get out and get walking again a bit more. Hopefully work up to getting the dogs out for more walks, health permitting of course. It’s not really playing along right now.
Here’s the Etsy address again http://www.etsy.com/shop/wallflowerarts

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