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Sunday Link Spam

How is everyone? I hope you had a good weekend. The weather has been very pleasant here. Warm with a fresh breeze and finally cool enough to have the fire on at night.
I spent a fair bit of the weekend inside editing photos. I finally finished this afternoon. I take too many photos. Or don’t edit often enough.

Although the editing is done there are 1.3gig worth of photos to upload so they will have to wait until we’re off peak. I will set them uploading tonight. That leaves me without anything to post today.
Tomorrow I will share the photos I took of Beyers Avenue in all it’s Autumn dress and of Bec’s farm stand.

If you really can’t wait you can find a few photos in my Facebook album
For now I’ll share a load of links I’ve found in the past week. Hope you find something interesting among them.


* Kristin Turcec’s Bad Robot art piece for gallery 1988. I want to be able to paint like that. It really is gorgeous

* A Toy Maker Makes A Toy Maker I love Doctor A’s toys. Steampunky and gorgeous. The teeny toy maker is adorable

* This embroidery pattern set by September House is adorable. Animals and their babies. These are great. I love the simple lines and the the emotion you get in them.

* This Mario Mushroom crochet blanket is fantastic (via sprite stitch)

* Peacock Dragon art by David Revoy is just gorgeous.

* May art opportunities in the Central West NSW on Arts OutWest

* Urban Threads has an embroidery colouring competition

* Molly Crabapple has her artworks from the Shell Game series up for non commercial use under a Creative Commons licence. Even if you don’t want to use them you should go and look. Gorgeous art and interesting social commentary

* Pick the right licence for your photos with this flowchart. Really useful and well laid out.

* How to repeat a pattern basically for making wallpapers, t-shirts or fabric with a repeating pattern. This isn’t too bad a tutorial though I leant about it when designing backgrounds for webpages over a decade ago. Search for tessellation tutorials if this doesn’t help. I want to design some sheep and knitting themed fabric and get it printed by Spoonflower. Just need the time to do it.

* OMG!! This Dalek baby dress is fantastic I want to knit it. I don’t know who for though. Nephew’s parents are geeky enough but have all boys Don’t know if you can see the page if you don’t have a Ravelry account though.
* The Sydney Craft and Quilt Expo is on in June. I’m wondering if it’s worth going while we’re down visiting friends for my birthday. I’d love to see what’s there but I don’t know if we can really afford it as we’ll be paying for dog boarding. Also it’s a lot of walking and a lot of crowds. I don’t do well with the first and Ruth doesn’t do well with the second.

* Top 5 stretches for knitting pain relief. Also be great for people who stitch, game, type or draw a lot.


* Bev and her seeing eye dog and the book she’s written

* PossABLE Ideas Expo was on in Newcastle this weekend. I’m really disappointed I couldn’t go. Partly because I’d love to find out what’s available and partly because Tim Ferguson was MC

* Arts Access Australia has funds available to assist delegates with disability to attend the Arts and Disability Meeting Place event being held in Tasmania on the 19th June. The purpose of this bursary is to provide successful applicants with a contribution of up to $500 towards travel and accommodation costs associated with attending the event. Applications due 10th May 2013.

* In 2013 Riverside Theatre and Beyond the Square are again opening up TWO opportunities for artists who identify as having disability to have their works exhibited in the foyer exhibition space at Riverside Theatres.

* Brain differences seen in people with chronic migraines

* Myer made tasteless comments about how they weren’t happy about the $300 tax levy for the National Disability Insurance Scheme because it was $300 that could have been spent at their store This article talks about how they messed up while handling it and underestimated Social Media.

* SIX young locals (Hunter Region) with disabilities now living in aged care will soon move into their new home in Mount Hutton.

* Jeff Waters writes about the struggle with depression and mostly anxiety after heart attacks

* Tourettes Hero interviews Georgie about Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment for tics

(warning verbal tics have been included in the text and they do include swearing)

* First Braille smartphone could hit stores this year How awesome is this?

* New technology can predict epileptic seizures



Joy to the world from Wild Olive and a giveaway

Last month Mollie from Wild Olive put out a call on twitter for people to stitch up a secret design that was to be part of the Christmas celebrations on her blog. I had finally finished sewing together the Nativity figures for our in-law’s Christmas present and was looking for some embroidery to do next so I put up my hand.

Mollie sent me the pattern and here’s my result. Details about the give away below.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Stitch and colour choice were up to me. I adore rainbows so I decided to go with 6 different colours for Heaven.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Nature is stitched with a gorgeous blue/green cotton colour way I picked up from Lincraft last time I was in Penrith. I thought it went perfectly with the word nature.
For the words Heaven and nature I used back stitch.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

For Sing I decided to use three single threads of three different gold colours spliced together to get a nice rich tone with highlights and lowlights. It is stitched in outline stitch with the highlights in a brighter yellow and split back stitch.

You can get the patten to embroider your own text from Joy To The World over on Wild Olive. Mollie also has “Repeat the Sounding Joy” and ” Wonders of His Love” patterns and they’re all avaliable as PDFs and have a Creative Commons license on them so head on over and check them out.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Don’t embroider yourself or don’t have time to embroider right now? I have decided to give away this embroidery.

What do you get?

One lucky winner will get this embroidery stitched with cotton thread on a soft cotton fabric in a plastic display hoop. I will send it anywhere in the world so you can enter where ever you live. I will be posting this off next week but it is coming from Australia and for other countries I can’t guarantee it will get there before Christmas. There should be plenty of time but the postal systems at this time of year get a bit bogged down.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

How do you enter?

To win you just have to head over to my Wallflowerarts etsy shop and then comment back here and let me know what your favourite item in my shop is. Comment here by Midday Tuesday 11th December (Australia EST) and you will be in the draw. Tuesday afternoon I’ll use a number randomiser to pick a winner. Make sure to leave me some way to contact you so I can get an address to send the embroidery to.
For an extra entry you could promote the giveaway with a link here from Facebook, Twitter or your blog. Just let me know in the comments. 
Good Luck.

Embroidery for Wild Olive

Tomorrow I will blog about the process of embroidering this pattern with progress photos

Hill End Press: Wedding stationery

Hill End Press have their studio across the road from our cottage. It’s run by the wonderful Bill Moseley and Genevieve Carroll.
The shop itself is gorgeous but it’s full of their wonderful creations, art and photography. There are so many things to see. I’m always fascinated by the drawers full of letters for the press.

I really have a deep love of creating in ways that haven’t changed in hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s one of the main reasons I love spinning. Sitting and peddling the wheel and drafting the fibre in the same way it was done when our cottage was built (sometime before the 1870’s) is just so satisfying to me.

I’d love one day to watch the press in action. They run workshops as well and I’d love to do one but for now we just don’t have the money for any kind of workshop.

They recently posted a glimpse of our their letterpress wedding stationery range. I’m in love.

You can find them at their blog and their website http://hillendpress.com.au/ or at the shop on the corner of Tambaroora and Short Streets in Hill End, NSW

A few things I’ve been loving lately

I must say I’m not overly sure of the etiquette involved in using other people’s photos to link to their stuff even if you’re not hotlinking. It means people are able to see if they like something but I don’t like to use other people’s photos without asking. Anyone know what is the best thing to do?

For now I wont use photos that don’t belong to me.

* http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/boys-knits/patterns
This book of knitting patterns for boys by Katya Frankel is fantastic. It’s full of gorgeous and interesting jumpers/sweaters for boys. So many times the knits you can find for boys are really basic. These patterns are full of great textures and really caught my eye. I want versions of these in my size.

“With sixteen sweater patterns for boys aged 4-14 (with chest measurements of 23-34 inches) and the cutest photography you have ever seen, Katya Frankel’s new book Boy’s Knits from Cooperative Press is the answer to your knitting prayers if you want to knit for boys.”
Soft Sage Circle Jacket by Doris Chan is a gorgeous crochet cardigan. I love the frilly neck line and the wonderful bell sleeves. It’s also a style that looks good on quite a few different body types. 
That’s actually one of my favourite things about Ravelry, the fact that you can see, by looking at the projects tab, what the item looks like in different yarns and on different body shapes.
Woollywormhead’s 5th annual mystery hat knit-a-long. I’m really interested in taking part this year. I’m just trying to decide if I can afford it. It starts on the 1st November.
The Illustration Stitch-a-long is a new Flickr group centered on embroidery based on existing illustrations and art. The first stitch-a-long starts in January next year and the subject is the work of Edward Gorey. After that will be Tim Burton. I can’t wait. 
Most of my embroidery to date hasn’t been based on a pattern or existing drawing. I’ve just made it up as I go along. The two most recent I finished were a bit different. One was based on a photo of a local building and the other was of a sketch someone did specifically for me to embroider. It was actually quite different working from someone else’s art.

* http://www.urbanthreads.com/threadList.aspx?productid=UT5310
This Pirate Stack Machine Embroidery at Urban Threads is really cute

* http://www.urbanthreads.com/free.aspx
And this gorgeous French Bulldog with the saying “You say GEEK like it’s a bad thing” is also awesome and free.

I have quite a few things on etsy and other blogs that I will link to as well but I shall put them in a separate post. I pulled something in my back and sublaxed my shoulder today moving wood for the fire so typing isn’t comfortable.
Have some more photos of Hill End for now.
Lilac growing in the orchard next to Holterman’s Corner
Beyer's Avenue, Hill End
Beyer’s Avenue. I love the view on the road out of town. The trees were planed in the 1800s. I’ve not lived in a place in Australia that has as many deciduous trees as we do out here. Natives don’t drop their leaves. It makes Autumn very pretty.
Red clay and gums. This is mostly what you get here once you move out of the centre of the village. Not many wattles are flowering right now but you usually get a lot of those too.
More bush. It surprised me that the Eucalypts were so different to what we got on the coast. I don’t know why I was surprised. Makes sense. The temperature range is vastly different.

Where you can find us

I thought I should put together a list of all the places you can find us online.

Etsy   http://www.etsy.com/shop/wallflowerarts
Redbubble  http://www.redbubble.com/people/wallflowerarts/shop/greeting-cards
Tumblr  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/wallflowerarts
Twitter    https://twitter.com/wallflowerarts
Blog   http://wallflowerarts.blogspot.com.au/
Flickr   http://www.flickr.com/photos/wallflowerarts/

I think that is all for now.

Armadillo face
One of the knitted toys we made

Blossom in the bird bath at Hosie’s B&B

Cherry Plums in the back yard

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