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Newtown Part 3 and BuzzzBar


While waiting for the NRMA guys to come and get the car started we needed to find some food. We were not far from BuzzzBar so we dropped in there


It really is a gorgeous cafe




I wish I’d got photos of the art on the walls inside so I could share it. It was really gorgeous and at great prices. I’d have loved to have bought some.



By this point though I was struggling with nausea and heart burn as it had been too long since I’d eaten and my meds are not kind to my stomach.



Unfortunately their gluten free selection was really poor and the waitress didn’t seem to be very helpful. We were told to pick something from the menu and they would tell me if they could make it gluten free but when we chose a couple of things they were not certain about them so we gave up and ordered a flat white and a piece of carrot cake.


The coffee that we got was a strong macchiato in a tiny cup and really not a flat white (and so I couldn’t drink it while my stomach was as bad as it was) and the carrot cake was pretty tasteless. Our friends who didn’t have to eat gluten free seemed to enjoy their meal though. It’s a beautiful cafe with great atmosphere but, if you have to eat gluten free, there are many other, much better places in Newtown.

Newtown Photos part two


I really would have loved to get some photos from Vivid Sydney so I think we’ll have to plan a trip for it next year.


Newtown has some really interesting art works and graffiti though so I had plenty to take photos of.



It could have been an awful, frustrating day. It was meant to be raining and cold but the weather was great.


And the company was fantastic. It’s always great to catch up with best friends. We talk online but it’s just not the same.


I have always loved this building. There is glass sculpture around the top of the wall and it always looks amazing.



Finally getting to photograph it properly was almost worth all the things we missed.






While down in Penrith for my birthday in June we headed in to Sydney for a day to check out some stuff. Initially I wanted to go to Morris & Sons to look at their embroidery stuff and check out the Doctor Who pop up shop. Found out that Vivid Sydney (a festival of light, music and ideas according to the website) was still on so I packed my camera and we decided to get to that.


None of this actually happened. We ran out of time for Morris & Sons and the pop up Doctor Who shop had popped off again and the shop front was empty. We decided to walk back to the car via a bunch of shops and grab some food then park somewhere we could leave the car for a few hours and catch the train to go see the Vivid stuff.

When we got back to the car though, it wouldn’t start. After a fair bit of waiting around  in Newtown and some rather disappointing carrot cake the NRMA managed to get the car started but given there was a problem with the starter motor there was no guarantee that the car would start again once it was stopped so we had to head home instead.
As frustrating as it was to not get to any of the things we planned, the company made it a nice day out. 

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