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Hill End Press: Wedding stationery

Hill End Press have their studio across the road from our cottage. It’s run by the wonderful Bill Moseley and Genevieve Carroll.
The shop itself is gorgeous but it’s full of their wonderful creations, art and photography. There are so many things to see. I’m always fascinated by the drawers full of letters for the press.

I really have a deep love of creating in ways that haven’t changed in hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s one of the main reasons I love spinning. Sitting and peddling the wheel and drafting the fibre in the same way it was done when our cottage was built (sometime before the 1870’s) is just so satisfying to me.

I’d love one day to watch the press in action. They run workshops as well and I’d love to do one but for now we just don’t have the money for any kind of workshop.

They recently posted a glimpse of our their letterpress wedding stationery range. I’m in love.

You can find them at their blog and their website http://hillendpress.com.au/ or at the shop on the corner of Tambaroora and Short Streets in Hill End, NSW


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