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Moo card sale

I spent yesterday ordering some more business cards. We have just run out of the first lot of mini cards we ordered from Moo.com. Two sided business cards at half the size of a normal card so you get twice as many.

On one side is our business information and on the other is my photographs. A different picture on each card.

It was the printfinity option that made me choose Moo in the first place. It really makes the cards stand out. Each one a tiny piece of art.

I was really happy with the quality of the printing. The cards are lovely and the price isn’t bad even with postage from the UK.
At the moment Moo have a sale on. 30% off all printing.
the MOO sale is ending at 11.59pm BST on 13th July so you’d need to get in quickly.

I have a referral code that if you use it and sign up, I get $4 credit and you get 15% off. I’m not sure if that works while the sale is on. Check it out first.


Sorting out all the pictures to fit the templates was a bit fiddly and my really slow internet didn’t play that well with the flash website but it was defintely worth it. Moo have a fairly comprehensive FAQ and get back to questions pretty quickly.

They also have a fantastic range of pre designed cards you can choose from if you don’t want to do it yourself.

We also got our postcard photography prints done with Moo and they are gorgeous. Hoping to get some nifty round stickers and some greeting cards done soon too.

If you’ve been thinking about getting some cards done take this oppertunity to get in on the sale and if you could use my referrer code that would be fantastic.

Our Facebook Page is Live

Finally got fast enough internet that I could finish building our Facebook page.
It’s a bit bare at the moment but it will fill up soon. The header for this month is an old but appropriate photo of Hill End in the snow in 2011. No snow yet this year but this morning was the coldest morning of the year.


You can also find us other places on the internet.
Etsy Shop
Email: wallflowerarts@gmail.com

The Etsy shop only has some embroidery and needle felted earrings right now but there will be a big update this week with lots of knitted hats and hopefully some embroidered clothing coming soon

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